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4 viewsIncline. S.W. Mineral Railway, Briton Ferry.ChrisLewis06/27/20 at 13:25daidark: Ive found old ink pots up there cracking photo the...
4 viewsBridge Street, Neath. Miners Arms on the right. c.1975.ChrisLewis06/14/20 at 17:37Vern: To remember that Bridge Street was a a part of the...
4 viewsBridge Street, Neath. Angel Garage on the left. c.1975.ChrisLewis06/13/20 at 13:01Vern: The garage was run by a Mr Phillips, I used to cal...
3 viewsHill Cycle Specialists, Windsor Road, Neath. 1972.ChrisLewis06/13/20 at 12:57Vern: I remember Mr Hill riding his three wheeler in his...
5 viewsJim Morgan (Motor Cycle Shop) Windsor Road, Neath. c.1968.ChrisLewis06/13/20 at 12:50Vern: I remember Jim with much respect, I always had goo...
90 viewsThe historical site at Court Herbert in 2015.
The entrance to the WWII Anti-Aircraft Gun-Site at Court Herbert, then later, No: 284 Prisoner of War Camp (Germans) and lastly, a A.T.S Camp.
Vern05/17/20 at 09:24paul-collier: Vern. I stand, corrected.
16 viewsThe Post Office, Wind Street, Neath.ChrisLewis04/11/20 at 11:48Vern: Many thanks! Chris, much appreciated.
492 viewsAllin Groceries & Provisions, Wind Street, Neath ChrisLewis03/24/20 at 08:12demeryp: I remember the store being used by the Salvation A...
20 viewsThe floods at Wind Street, Neath. c.1950.ChrisLewis03/05/20 at 05:49ChrisLewis: thank you, error corrected
20 viewsThe floods at Wind Street, Neath. c.1950.ChrisLewis03/04/20 at 23:51jac163: Isn't that Wind Street?
297 viewsMackworth Lane, Neath. ChrisLewis02/21/20 at 17:14GRIFFITH: lived here at number 4 with my granny Florrie Jone...
378 viewsPrefabricated housing at Gnoll Bank, Neath. c.1960ChrisLewis02/21/20 at 17:08GRIFFITH: used to live here 1946 1950
306 viewsNew Bridge, Briton Ferry.jim owen01/15/20 at 18:54RCMEASDAY: We walked over the bridge, pushing our bikes to se...
24 viewsSt. David’s Church & Bus Station, Neath.ChrisLewis01/09/20 at 20:58Drew Porter: Not sure of the ownership of the bus. It is parked...
27 viewsSt David's Church & Bus Station. c.1950ChrisLewis01/09/20 at 20:55Drew Porter: The leading bus is a Leyland Tiger owned by Neath ...
56 viewsLittle Loco "Dolly" at Briton Ferry Ironworks, c.1951ChrisLewis12/15/19 at 15:02RCMEASDAY: This is BFW No5, one of two locos using this track...
22 viewsThe short-lived stock car track at Neath Abbey. Carl_H10/06/19 at 18:44Vern: Trevor Redmond ran the Neath Dragons Speedway Team...
326 viewsView of the River Neath at Briton Ferry, Vernon House and Ynysmaerdy ChurchChrisLewis09/26/19 at 15:36Slade1988: It’s the same house it’s the last privately owned ...
31 viewsWater Street, Neath. Photograph courtesy of R.C. Measday.ChrisLewis09/12/19 at 15:10zeitghost: The cars appear to be parked on the site of my Gre...
27 viewsStation Square, Neath. Railway Station & Bus Station. Photograph courtesy of R.C. Measday.ChrisLewis07/10/19 at 07:59ChrisLewis: I would estimate the photograph was taken between ...
27 viewsStation Square, Neath. Railway Station & Bus Station. Photograph courtesy of R.C. Measday.ChrisLewis07/08/19 at 15:41Vern: An interesting looking Telephone Box, what year wa...
78 viewsStock car racing at Neath Abbey during the 1960's.ChrisLewis06/29/19 at 18:56Carl_H: A bit more info... Neath is believed to be the fir...
78 viewsStock car racing at Neath Abbey during the 1960's.ChrisLewis06/28/19 at 09:01ChrisLewis: Thanks Carl_H for the updated information.
78 viewsStock car racing at Neath Abbey during the 1960's.ChrisLewis06/27/19 at 19:27Carl_H: This would be 1955.
28 viewsView of Neath. Neath Abbey in the foreground with Milland Road and the construction of the A465 bypass carriageway. Photograph courtesy of R.C. Measday.ChrisLewis05/23/19 at 12:29Vern: Neath Gas Works on Milland Road. Many thanks!
120 viewsTynyrheol House, TonnaChrisLewis05/07/19 at 07:31zeitghost: And now it's a ruin. typical of neath
111 viewsTynyrheol House, Tonna. c.1900ChrisLewis05/07/19 at 07:31zeitghost: How are the mighty fallen
57 viewsLodge cross, 1900s.Peter Williams05/07/19 at 07:14zeitghost: Taken from the bridge over the road at the bottom ...
63 viewsWater Street, Neath. George & Dragon Inn on the leftChrisLewis04/30/19 at 14:14zeitghost: The cars are roughly where 63 Water Street used to...
267 viewsWater Street, Neath. c.1975ChrisLewis04/30/19 at 14:12zeitghost: My great grandfather's house was right there....
38 viewsCadoxton Lodge.ChrisLewis01/09/19 at 16:56Vern: During the early 1940s, the Auxiliary Fire Service...
91 viewsTeachers, gnoll school, 1963.Peter Williams12/01/18 at 13:52Caretaker: Does any body know the names of any of the teacher...
36 viewsPrevious houses (now demolished) that were located on the National Trust site at Aberdulais.ChrisLewis11/23/18 at 13:16Vern: Once the home of Dr Norman Thomas and previously D...
419 viewsGnoll Infants School, Neath, prior to demolition in 1993ChrisLewis11/10/18 at 21:17Caretaker: I went to the gnoll school in 1951 in the nursery ...
32 viewsGnoll Grounds showing Entrance and War Memorial Gates, Neath.ChrisLewis11/10/18 at 20:38Caretaker: Went through these gates to go swimming in gnoll p...
29 viewsVictoria Gardens, Neath. c.1910.ChrisLewis11/10/18 at 20:25Caretaker: Walked through victoria gardens every school day t...
364 viewsThe Albion Steel Works of Briton Ferry Steel Co Ltd, prior to closing downChrisLewis11/10/18 at 11:22Caretaker: I worked as a shunted/driver for 10 years 1968 =19...
64 viewsNew Street, Neath. 1908Peter Williams11/02/18 at 19:59jac163: There's a photo of New Street c1940 here and ...
516 viewsAllin's Store, Wind Street, Water Street, NeathChrisLewis10/16/18 at 18:06JHeath-Davies: Beautiful!
281 views"White Gates" SkewenChrisLewis10/16/18 at 17:38JHeath-Davies: Where on Taillwyd would this be? Thanks
21 viewsS.J Morris Depot, Cilfrew. c.1970.ChrisLewis10/07/18 at 11:19ChrisLewis: Mobile Grocery service for Neath & District.
91 viewsMain rd, skewen, 1930s.Peter Williams09/26/18 at 15:12Trev: The Cosy Cafe was on the main road immediately opp...
85 viewsOld Rd, Skewen. c.1905ChrisLewis09/26/18 at 15:10Trev: This is the New Road.
56 viewsLittle Loco "Dolly" at Briton Ferry Ironworks, c.1951ChrisLewis07/11/18 at 14:54Lisa: The man standing at the side was Davey Proctor.
53 viewsLadies marching along Windsor Road, Neath. 'The Oxford' Public House in the backgroundChrisLewis03/29/18 at 17:13helen: My gran is in this picture
435 viewsCivic Centre Neath. c.1979ChrisLewis03/29/18 at 16:51helen: such an ugly building
492 viewsAllin Groceries & Provisions, Wind Street, Neath ChrisLewis03/09/18 at 16:14helen: mine to Judy
108 viewsE.Griffiths Grocer Shop 1980'sbowenworth03/06/18 at 08:04Vern: Helen, it's in Commercial Street, Neath, behi...
74 viewsAberdulais Mill 1796 - Watercolour and graphite on paper JMW Turner - Tate Gallery Londonbowenworth03/02/18 at 18:05helen: Impressive
108 viewsE.Griffiths Grocer Shop 1980'sbowenworth03/02/18 at 10:40helen: I really like Victorian shop fronts, where was thi...
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