Old Neath & District in Photographs.


Welcome to the old Neath photographic gallery.  The purpose of this site is to make a record of photographic images of  Neath and the Neath area. To access the gallery requires registering which is free.  Once registered you will have full access to the site and you will be able to upload your own images to the gallery.  Registered members can also add comments to the gallery

If you do decide to make comments, please keep it civil with no unnecessary political type comments.

 Wanted Old Photos of Neath & Area


If you have photographs of interest relating to Neath or the Neath Area, we would be most grateful if you could upload these photographs.  Many of the old photographs of Neath are now dwindling away and there is a genuine need to preserve these images before they are lost or destroyed.

To Upload Photographs - You can upload photographs if you are registered with the gallery using the upload file link.  Alternatively images can be uploaded without registering to the gallery, please use the link below:



Gwyn Hall Neath

Bryncoch Village, Neath

Neath Constitutional Club

Gnoll House, Neath

The Parade, Neath

 Gwyn Hall, Neath

 Bryncoch, Neath

 Neath Constitutional Club

 Gnoll House, Neath

 The Parade, Neath









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